Creating a chef’s culinary masterpiece is always a big event. Many people dream to be in this secret. However, it is important not only to see the cooking process, but also to solve this mystery by oneself, to learn how to turn the most common products into a real work of art. A chef’s workshop can teach you to cook the most delicious exotic dishes quickly and easily, and later it will let you use your knowledge to impress your loving ones with the finest culinary specialties and delicacies. A chef will give a detailed description of each step of cooking the dish, he will reveal the secrets of a proper selection of high quality products, and tell about the techniques to be applied so that the final result will be the most delicious possible. Moreover, a chef will help you determine the quantity of the products to buy, so that there will be enough of them to make a dish, but nothing will be wasted or left uneaten. 

Chef Masterclass costs from 99€ per hour, without VAT.