Organizing any eating event is not an easy business, especially if it is meant for quite many people. It is necessary to take into account the place of such an event: will it be a public catering or outdoors, and to take care of all major planning peculiarities. Sometimes an expert only can cope with such a task, and of course, it is impossible without a chef’s advice.

Only a crackerjack will accurately determine:
- the types of products and their quantity, needed for a certain number of guests;
- the equipment and implements needed for food preparation;
- the number of service staff needed for the event.

One should pay special attention to catering. If an event takes place in a restaurant, a cafe, a canteen or another shop with a static kitchen, many problems are solved by themselves, because the service process has already been organized here. But in the case of outdoor events only a chef will be able to advice on the right way of organizing a cooking space and, more importantly, on how to choose a feasible menu for an event outside of a public catering. Moreover, these preparations must not affect the quality of dishes, so that all the wishes of a host and his guests would be satisfied to the highest degree.

Normally a Chef Consultation costs from 22€ per hour, without VAT.