Little foodies need a special approach to cooking. Kinderfood is a true holiday at the holiday, because the feast preparation is an amusing and very unique event in itself. Here not only the cooking matters, but also the way the dishes are presented. A chef has to make sure that parents and adults like the dishes as to their quality and healthiness for children. But at the same time the heroes of the day themselves appreciate completely different features – they enjoy only delicious products, cooked with a special approach. Kinderfood is a challenge for a chef, it puts his professional qualities to the test, since only little foodies can actually evaluate the cook’s real culinary skills, and will not hide their true feelings towards the dishes. The preparation of this kind of event demands a thorough selection of all the ingredients, a location and theme decorations. Moreover, the customers may choose to hold a kinderfood event outdoors.

Normally a Kinderfood costs from 25€ per person, but this sum may vary depending on the variety of the dishes selected and the products purchasing price.

***Price included the cost of the products, development and impermetation of personal menu, without VAT. Additionally, price may vary depending on a variety of dishes and net cost of the products.