Many business people have issues with the lack of time for cooking. Of course, you can eat in public catering shops, like restaurants or cafes. However, it is not a solution. First, in order to have a lunch or dinner in a restaurant, you also need time to visit it, and secondly, in this case you will be bound to choose one of the shop’s dishes, and they may not always be to your taste and preferences.

An Easyweek service solves all the possible eating problems at once:
- you do not have to waste your time on buying food and cooking after a tough working day;
- you do not have to waste your time on visiting public catering shops and to eat dishes, which are not always to your liking.

Cooking, delivery and plating may take place right in the customer’s apartment. Mind that this service is available only in fixed hours. A chef and a customer can always decide on the dishes that the customer likes, and the latter may specify all the terms of food service.
The dishes are always cooked in portions, so that there would not be any odds or waste of products. The food is always cooked to order, it is fresh, high quality and meets all the customer’s demands. On the customer’s request, the chef can provide his services in any place convenient for the customer and at any time.

The cost of chef’s services amounts to 90 per cent from the total amount of the products purchased, without VAT.