Hi! I am your personal chef in Finland, which will embody any gastronomic whim. For me an individual approach, your attitude to food preparation, the combination of tastes, flavors and particular views, which I gladly will share with you, are very important. You are unique for me. Creating a holiday for a personal mood, I am guided by the absolute freedom of choice, accompanied by the best traditions of professional excellence. Bringing the caring heat in every bite of delicacies on your table, I look for the implementation of quality and cooking appliances; choosing the best I keep the useful. Your health is my purpose.

To me – You are unique.

In the world of diversity and versatility, it is sometimes difficult to make a right choice, which would meet your personal standards and conform to your life principles. Your Chef happens to be the one, whom you can easily entrust with culinary works of different levels, and get an adequate result with minimum costs.

Your finances will be surprised to the upside.

Creating a holiday to one’s own spirit, I act from an absolutely free choice, accompanied by the best traditions of professional skill. Filling every piece of food on your table with warmth and care, I watch the quality and the technique of cooking; by choosing the best, I keep the wholesome.

Your health is my goal.

I also take care of maintaining the natural balance. Therefore, while creating the menu, I try to minimize cooking odds and avoid food excesses. While purchasing the products for your event, I act from my own experience and knowledge in selecting the untreated products. I believe that even the pettiest act on earth is an important turn in the fate of each of us.

We are parts of an integral whole.

According to the type of event, I decide on an exceptionally individual menu, based on your preferences. Your choice of different national cuisines and particular taste variations is welcome. I can also offer you my personal original cuisine.

With best regards, Egor Xapko