• I change the idea of food service quality.

    In the world of diversity and versatility, it is sometimes difficult to make a right choice,
    which would meet your personal standards and conform to your life principles.
  • I keep love in every bite.

    Creating a holiday to one’s own spirit, I act from an absolutely free choice,
    accompanied by the best traditions of professional skill.

About me


Hi! I am your personal chef, which will embody any gastronomic whim. For me an individual approach, your attitude to food preparation, the combination of tastes, flavors and particular views, which I gladly will share with you, are very important. You are unique for me. Creating a holiday for a personal mood, I am guided by the absolute freedom of choice, accompanied by the best traditions of professional excellence. Bringing the caring heat in every bite of delicacies on your table, I look for the implementation of quality and cooking appliances; choosing the best I keep the useful. Your health is my purpose.

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Catering & Personal Chef

According to the type of event, I decide on an exceptionally individual menu, preferences. Your choice of different national cuisines and particular taste variations is welcome. I can also offer you my personal original cuisine.



Cocktail or fork this is a joint meal, when invited to eat standing up, freely choosing the dishes and drinks.
from 21€ / per person


Buffet service is a type of meal, when a wide variety of different dishes is available to the guests.
from 25€ / per person


Private by Master Chef is a special romantic dinner for two, which connects the loving hearts
from 99€ / per pair


Little foodies need a special approach to cooking. Kinderfood is a true holiday at the holiday.
from 25€ / per person

A la carte

You can offer the guests the most diverse selection of dishes ranging from fairly simple to refined and unique.
from 29€ / per person

Chef Masterclass

Master Class by Chef - this is a culinary masterpieces creation with the Master Chef in real time.
from 99€ / per hour


I cook food on the heat from cinders. It is mostly meat, sausages, cutlets, vegetables. Serving sauces.
from 25€ / per person


This is a favorable service for busy people, which helps you stop worrying about cooking after tough working days.
1€ + 90%

Chef consultation

You can ask me for help in preparing a menu for restauranr, organizing a banquet, and dealing with other matters of culinary
from 22€ /per hour

Apple pie

Recipes of the Week

Classic American apple pie

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Few words from my customers

I always appreciate all my customers.

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